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The Ravine
ISBN: 978-1-4196-9409-7  8.99
Being of Sound Mind
ISBN: 978-1-4392-2315-4  8.99
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Skyline Walker
ISBN: 978-1-4609-8091-0  9.99   
Also available on KINDLE!
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The Apiary
ISBN: 978-1-4959-2649-5  8.99
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The Ravine Forevermore is a story of
repressed memory and murder
among the migrant factory workers of
the 1970's, intertwined with a present
day mystery. Esperanza Tijerina is a
psychology professor from Dallas,
whose husband, Eduardo, relates
snippets and anecdotes of his young
life in Pinewood, Michigan. However,
she detects something more sinister
and dangerous in his underlying
tone. Consequently, she takes it upon
herself to unlock his memory without
his knowledge, fearful that his secrets
will forever be locked and the truth
School teacher Cheryl Pennington
didn't know why strange things were
happening to her: seeing people
who  weren't there, unable to sleep,
talking all night, inexplicably crying
or laughing, and paranoid about
being stalked by "them." When her
husband, Doug, consequently admits
her to Pleasant Meadow, Dallas'
finest psychiatric hospital, she is
guaranteed the best treatment by its
chief psychoanalyst,
Dr. Albert Flint.
But Flint isn't who he claims to be
as he has other motives. Cheryl soon
experiences his finest treatments,
which are suspect at best and deadly
at worst.
Trust me, he is not a doctor!
The relentless midsummer heat in
Dallas may be the least of
detectives Joseph Lattimar and
Stefan Laureau’s worries as they
struggle against a madman who’s
claimed the skyscraper rooftops for
his domain, leaving carnage in
his wake. As Lattimar’s team goes
undercover to prevent more
bloodshed, they realize much too
late that the killer has them
singled out for a fate much worse
than his previous victims.
What does an apiary, an old
Victorian house, a cottage, and a
trailer park have in common? How
about bees, things that go bump in
the night, a recluse, and three friends
who will find out the hard way why a
father is missing.
Life is quiet and serene at an orchard
workers' trailer park until one of the
residents goes missing. No one is
able to find Nathan's dad for three
months, so he and his two friends
follow an ominous trail that leads
them to a recluse who only wants to
be left alone, a wannabe cowboy, a
mysterious beekeeper, and a dark
figure who roams an old Victorian
house during storms. Has Nathan
found his dad? Or should he have left
things alone?